Inconsistent Motion Detection with Peephole Camera

I received this item about a week ago and have been struggling with it ever since. The camera faces my front yard which is adjacent to the street. Last night I got multiple alerts which appear to be just small bugs flying in front of the camera (there’s a porch light on the same wall as the door). Today it appeared to pick up someone walking on the street (whose image is quite small in the field of view) and also a car driving by, but not all cars. I can frequently walk right in front of the camera and stare at it and not get an alert, although occasionally I do.

I’ve tried various settings such as Sensitivity, Smart Alerts and setting Region of Interest. Signal Strength is shown in green meaning the WiFi signal is strong enough.

I’ve checked out various threads and internet posts and appear to have tried everything others have done but cannot get consistent results - it will pick up a little bug or someone walking many yards away but not me just walking right up to the door. I talked with tech support yesterday and they just told me they will make note of my issues and suggested I call back in a few days if nothing changes.

Anyone have some magic solution? Could there just be a hardware issue with the camera? The rep mentioned something about a firmware update. It appeared to do this when I installed the camera. If there are later updates are they done automatically or is it something I have to initiate?

Hi @user57251. Can you share a screenshot of the Live View from your Peephole Cam, as well as a screenshot of how your Motion Zones are configured? Motion detection concerns are almost always resolved by finding a combination of the settings that works best for your home, so getting a better idea of how things are set up will help me make some suggestions.

@ Caitlyn_Ring: Before creating screenshots, etc., I mention that I called support again and it was suggested that I set Motion Frequency to Frequently and that made it so that it would give an alert if I stepped in front of the door (not 100% of the time but almost so). That would seem to solve my issue but…the downside of the Frequently setting is that, as the app say, it gives the shortest battery life.

I changed the setting to Frequently yesterday after putting in a fully charged battery, changed the setting to Regularly during the night (since I was getting alerts every time a bug flew in front of the camera) and back again to Frequently this morning. The result is after roughly 24 hrs. of not even full time with Frequently selected the battery is down to 59%. At this rate it will only last a couple of days.

Does that seem right?

@user57251 If your Peephole Cam is picking up a lot of activity, alongside the Live View, the battery would drain more quickly than expected. We have some information on unexpected battery drain here. If the battery seems to be draining quickly despite an average amount of activity, I’d suggest bringing this up with our support team. They can take a look at things on the back end, and may suggest testing out a different battery to narrow down if the issue is with the Peephole Cam or with the battery pack.