Inconsistent Linked Device Behavior

I have (a) Floodlight Cam (2nd Gen), (b) Floodlight Cam Wired Plus, (c) Video Doorbell Pro, and (d) A19 Smart Bulb for porch light via Ring Lighting Bridge. I have all these linked together, such that if any of (a), (b), or (c) detected motion, then all the other devices record and/or turn on. However, I’m seeing inconsistent behavior with this. For example, (a) may detect motion, and then (c) and (d) will activate, but not (b). It also seems not to be repeatable. Are there device incompatibilities that limit this behavior? All firmware is up-to-date.

Hi @user9026. Based on the information you shared, it sounds like this inconsistency doesn’t happen every time. Is there anything in common between the events where not all of your linked devices recorded? It’s possible it could be due to network performance concerns. For example, if there’s a temporary interference or service interruption with your wifi network at the time that motion has been detected and your devices are recording, it could prevent one of the devices from being able to reliably record and make that recording available in your Ring app.

We recommend a minimum of 2mbps of download and upload speed for each Ring Doorbell or Camera. When you have multiple devices all recording and uploading at the same time, that is a large amount of your download and upload speeds being utilized all at once. This doesn’t take into account any other devices you have connected to wifi outside of your Ring devices. You can find more information on wifi in our Help Center Article here.