Inconsistent alerts

While others have posted on this topic, I saw no solutions. MOST of the time, my video doorbell alerts me whenever someone approaches my door. It even alerts me when the lawn person runs his mower over the grass in front of our condo. But a few times, maybe three, it did NOT alert me to the UPS guy dropping off a package at my front door. It’s like he was invisible (at least to my Ring camera).

Why would the motion detection on my video doorbell camera fail only a few times under the same conditions where it works almost all the time?

And no, I’m not playing with the motion detection settings as they are set the way I want them. I know this because I ALMOST always get the motion alerts the way I want them. I have a narrow approach to my door with a wall on the right side. Looking at the camera live view, I don’t see how anybody could possibly get to my front door without being in the camera’s field of view. Unless he stood on the sidewalk and flung my package the 20 or 30 feet to land exactly at the foot of my front door.

I have the same problem. I just changed the motion frequency from Standard to Frequent. I hope it fixes the problem.

I’m having the same problem as of a couple days ago. It worked this morning when I tested it before work but when the postal worker dropped off my package I wasn’t notified. Very frustrating

Thanks, Tedgri. I’m trying that. Doubt it will work, but worth a try.

Well, since numerous other people have posted about this issue, as I have, I’d guess it’s a bad update. Hopefully they fix whatever they broke soon so we can get back to enjoying the Ring video doorbell before we go out and purchase a different brand.

This is the way it works. Cannot depend on consistent views. Gave up trying to figure out. Just using it as is, hopefully some day it will be better