Incompatible Chime


My doorbell chime is on the incompatible list (Aiphone CC-1M, which includes an intercom), and I’m wondering if I have options for getting my Ring Pro working. Can I simply buy a different chime? I see that the wires are using AC 12~16V.

Great question @Myles! You have a couple options here. You may replace your incompatible chime with a chime kit from our Chime Compatibility List. Keep in mind, we recommend using 16V 20VA transformer for optimal functionality.

Another option would be to bypass the chime kit using our Pro Power Kit, and installing one of our Chime/ Chime Pro devices for sound in the home. Check out our help center article for instructions on bypassing your existing chime kit. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Ah, thanks, this is good except for one thing: the instructions for installing the Pro Power Kit V2 refer to the “front” and “trans” wires, but my wires are different. I have two labeled “AC”, and two labeled “front”, as seen in the attached image. How would I know which wires to use? (I suspect I’ll have a similar problem with my outside doorbell as there is a speaker out there for the intercom.

Thanks for your help!

I am in the same situation at the moment. How did you end up connecting ring pro. Did you replace aiphone with a compatible chime? TIA