Include lens cover on the indoor security camera, for privacy protection

Develop a cover for the lens of the indoor camera. This helps add additional privacy protection when customers are home and don’t want to be on camera. Create a separate attachment or develop a new design of the indoor camera with a lens cover.

I use the camera to watch my dogs while im at work. When I’m home, I turn the motion detection off AND I turn the camera towards the wall (which isn’t possible, if camera is mounted on a wall)

Hi @user47218. You can purchase a Privacy Kit for the Indoor Cam (1st Gen), which comes with a lens cover and an on/off switch. The Indoor Cam (2nd Gen) comes with a removable Privacy Cover. When you slide it in front of the camera lens, the Indoor Cam’s camera and mic will turn off. When you’re ready to turn the Indoor Cam back on, just swivel the Privacy Cover to the side.