Inability to flip image on stick up cam

When will Ring offer the ability to flip an image on the stick up cam? I see this was asked before, but there was never an answer posted and the discussion was closed.

This feature is offered on indoor cameras. In well designed systems, it should not be rocket science to implement a feature like this from one product into another product.

To exacerbate the problem, the camera mount only attaches to the bottom and back of the camera, and the mount cannot be flipped to reverse angles.

Please, Stick up CAM Product Manager. Hear your users and let us know when this issue is going to be fixed. Move it to a must on the backlog and get it done! Let us know.

Well, we’re all waiting with bated breath for their official announcement!

It would be nice though to hear an “I feel your pain,” or some other acknowledgment of the user demand for a feature.

I have seen other comments from a Ring representative.

Hi @duck9000. This is a popular Feature Request. You can add your interest and vote for it here.