In need of past video recordings

I am a new user to ring just over a months time. I paid for my yearly subscription the day I was told my trial was ending. I need videos from 10 days ago 05/07/2020 8:52 am and also 9:01 am, it show the events in my history but the videos are not available. The first video I am able to access is now 05/12/2020. Could this be caused by ring not processing and posting my payment for 5 days? Anyways that doesn’t matter I need the videos from those times, how do we resolve this issue? I’ll be upset if I get charged $140.00 because I can no longer provide proof of the person (employee) being here and not doing the work I paid for.

Hey @Barnesa88. Whenever there is a lapse in coverage for a Protect Plan and the devices covered by it, any previously stored videos will be delete and inaccessible. Once the Protect Plan is stored, the videos will still be inaccessible, as they have already been deleted, but all future recordings will save and be saved for up to 30 or 60 days (depending on your region). I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you, but these videos will be irretrievable. If possible, you can explain the situation as to why the video is unavailable to you now, but the contents of it, in hopes that this helps your case. Best of luck!