In-home chine keeps ringing and then ring doorbell pro got dead

Hello all,

I installed my ring doorbell following the instruction. At the begining, it works. The video and phone work very well, I can talk to my wife when one of us ring the bell at the door and the other stay home using the app.

However, about 1 or 2 hours after that, my in-home chime kept ringing, but no one pressed the button of ring doorbell pro at that time. I couldn’t figure out the cause and couldn’t fix the issue, either. So I turned off the power and then turned on. After that the in-home chime didn’t ring. And the doorbell pro was offline, I attempted to setup the device in the app, but the doorbell blue light was on and was blinking in the 10-11 clock position. I learnt from Search Engine bing that doorbell was charging so I stopped my attempts and waited. A few minutes later, the doorbell pro was online in the app, however, the chime started to repeately ring again. I tried various ways in the app, and no one was working. And later on, the chime stopped ring and the ring doorbell pro was offline again. This time it is totally powered off. When I push the button of ring doorbell pro, the chime doesn’t ring. It looks that both doorbell pro and chime are dead now.

Would you please share me some tips on resolve the issue? I peresonally suspect that something might be wrong with the power kid v2 installation. But at the begining it worked.

Hey @jiayinge. Could you take pictures of how you have the Pro Power Kit installed, as well as what kind of internal chime kit you have? Knowing how you have the setup and what chime kit we are working with will help a lot! :slight_smile:

Thank you. Please find the pictures as attached.

add more pictures

add more pictures

@jiayinge Thank you for getting back to me with those pictures! The wiring looks like it’s supposed to on the internal chime kit, and do you by any chance have the name of the Chime Kit? You can verify if it’s compatible here.

I didn’t find the brand and model of the chime. I am going to attach the pictures. When looking for brand and models, I found a note that diode provided must be installed with the front door push button. When I uninstalled the front door push button, I did see the diode. I thought it is with the push button so I didn’t install it with the ring pro. I followed ring app step by step and I choose the chime as digital one, but I was not asked to install the diode. I realize that I need to install this after I saw the note in the chime. However I found a video from which says diode need be installed with the ring pro.,your%20Ring%2C%20try%20turning%20off%20the…%20More%20. If I saw the video from the app, I would have installed diode.

This evening I reinstall the ring pro with diode attached according to the video, and at the begining, the ring pro is live and shows white rings and then blue rings (I don’t remember exactly). When I pushed the button, the ring pro responded with a sound, but the chime didn’t ring. And also my ring app can’t find it. Later on, the blue ring binked for a while and then the ring pro got dead again.

I just wonder if I have broken the ring pro, the chime, or both by missing the step to install the diode.

I will try to uninstall my chime from the wall to check the model/brand in its back and I also will reinstall the push button to check if the old door bell is still working. Before that, do you have any suggetions?

As a general suggestion, it would be great if you could include the video related to diode in your app. I am not a professional and I am not supposed to have knowledge on this, neigher are most of your customers, I believe.

Hey @jiayinge. Thank you for getting back to me! To clear up any confusion with the diode, you linked me the article for the Doorbell 2 and you have the Doorbell Pro. Therefore, you do not need the diode and should not need a diode ever when installing the Pro, and in fact we do not recommend it being installed when not stated in the instructions. Therefore, I’m under the impression that you have an incompatible chime kit for the Pro, which we can verify you can grab the name and brand of the chime kit! Since the internal chime kit requires this, it makes sense why the Pro worked for a little bit when you installed it, but ultimately died again.

Rest assured, our support team can help out further with this, as we may need to look more into it. If you could, please check your chime kit and then verify if it’s compatible here. If you have a compatible one, it would be best to then reach out to our support team to follow up on this, and if you do not have a compatible one, please replace it with a compatible one if you wish to use the Pro, and try to set up the device again. If it cannot set up, it may be due to some damage on the device with the improper installation. No worries on that either, our support team should be able to cover you if you’re still in warranty.

When you need to reach out to support, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19. This has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

Thanks. Will uninstall the chime and check the brand and model in th weekend and may reactive this thread as necessary.

Re: In-home chine keeps ringing and then ring doorbell pro got dead

Re: In-home chine keeps ringing and then ring doorbell pro got dead