In-App Notifications

Device settings+Alert settings+Notifications preferences

There is one switch to toggle here called in-app notifications. It’s described as "Enabling in-app notifications lets you choose whether to view live events when you are in the app, instead of showing them automatically.

To this new user, this is confusing. I want a live event to pop-up and show the video live immediately. Do I turn this setting off to do that? Can someone explain this setting further for me?


Good question @Dude! The In-App Notifications toggle operates as follows:

  • "In-App Notification” toggled off - if you have the Ring app open and an event occurs with your Door View Cam, Live View will begin streaming.
  • “In-App Notification” toggled on - a notification bar would show while you have the app open, which you could tap to open Live View or ignore and continue in the app.

If you are looking for immediate video upon event trigger, you will want to toggle this off. Remember, the video will immediately populate only when you are actively in the Ring app. Automatic full screen notifications from mobile device home screen is not a current feature, but is commonly requested and shared with our team. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I was just complaining that we were not getting answers to stuff.

I think that was pretty concise. Its all about when the app is open and does not apply to when the app is closed and there is no setting to bring live view upon a motion event without the app open.

It would be helpful if Ring would add “while the Ring app is open” to this description. To some, like me, I couldn’t tell whether it was telling me that, or all apps…or…

The problem I’m having, additionally, is when there is a motion event and I try to see live view, I never know how long its going to take. Sometimes it just sits and spins telling me its activating the device and never does show the live view…and its NOT my Internet or wifi, something is hanging it up, either the app or the device.

Does Ring recommend we always have the app open?

Use the Rapid Ring App