In a wired stick-up cam with a battery backup, does the battery recharge?

Just purchased the indoor/outdoor WIRED Ring Stick-Up security camera. I added the optional battery backup. I fully charged the backup battery before inserting it into the camera.

My question: Should I have a power failure and the backup battery is used for a long period, once the main power returns, does the backup battery recharge inside the camera? Or, must it be removed and manually recharged?

For that matter, does the wired camera “top off” the battery periodically and keep it charged?

Thanks! BTW, my friends are stunned at the quality of the video and especially the night video. It really is amazing. A great investment.

Hi @ChuckGG. I looked into this with my team, and having the battery inserted into the Stick Up Cam while having it wired for nonstop power should also provide a trickle charge to the battery if the battery is not fully charged. It’s still going to be quicker to manually charge the battery with the provided charging cable, but you can leave the battery inserted in the Stick Up Cam as a backup power source. I’m glad you’re enjoying your Stick Up Cam, and I hope this helps answer your questions! :slight_smile:

I also had the same concern as the thread author. I installed a new Stick Up Cam (battery) a week ago , but also connected the cam to a power cable. I found that I liked the “responsiveness” of the camera to motion a lot better. The camera Power Mode has been set to Wired. My concern now is that with the battery removed, I can no longer do Live View. The Ring message says that I have to have the battery inserted to do Live View. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. (I decided to remove the battery, as I will be leaving the camera unattended for 5 months and the daily ambient temperatures are mid 90’s on most days, and was unsure if the battery could stand those temps on a daily basis).

Thank You

Here’s info on Ring devices and Temps that might answer your question: Ring Devices and Extreme Temperatures – Ring Help

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Solar, Thanks for that info.


Hi @user8143. I would recommend following up with our support team when you’re able to be with the Stick Up Cam to troubleshoot it. They can pull up your account in order to look into this further and determine the intended behavior of your Stick Up Cam. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

Well, the experience with Ring Support did not end well. Not only couldn’t they answer questions, they dragged the issue beyond the date that I could return the camera to Amazon ) my point of purchase), as I was now beyond the “trial period”.

Things dragged on with me spending lots of time with someone who evidently didn’t know the product, but was probably relying on looking at a database of known issues. Supposedly the issue was being escalated, didn’t happen.

Most recently customer support said they would do something for me, but I needed to buy a new camera first and install it. When I got back to them via email after I fulfilled my part, instead of answering my questions on how things were to be carried out, instead of answering questions, their was just a simple request for address, color of camera, phone number., My return comments were not met with any answer.

So, I eventually gave up. Now I have 2 cameras instead of one. I only wanted one (1). The hassle just became not worthwhile, I have a life beyond sitting on the computer and the phone trying to get someone at Ring to “at least answer questions”. That’s the last Ring product.

I’ll still be here looking for advice on other issues. Thank you.