Improve cameras connection

Will the Chime Pro help if I have excellent WiFi inside and out (APs outside)? My cameras are about 125 ft from house and the APs.

I have a total of 8 cameras

It seems if my Internet or Wi Fi goes down. some of my cameras do not come back up, then I have to reset them. I do not think I should have to do this

Good question, @playpar! The distance described is certainly a far one for both signal and streaming packets to be delivered efficiently. Using network equipment that is optimal for covering large areas is a great call, as is the outdoor access point. If this is still not maintaining a sufficient connection, or auto connecting when needed, the addition of a Chime Pro could help. Keep in mind, the Chime Pro is designed and intended for indoor use only. As it sounds like you might need an outdoor solution, the Chime Pro may not work for this scenario and moving the outdoor AP closer might be the best solution. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I guess I need to re phrase my question.

Will there be any connection issues between the two APs (or tyes of AP)?

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Thank you for clarifying further. The Chime Pro does indeed provide a dedicated Ring device only network connection. The Chime Pro should certainly connect to your home network and/or access points to receive network resources, however, it will only extend that network and allow connection/ communication through the Chime Pro with other Ring camera enabled devices. Thus, your home network > Chime Pro connection will work, but attempting a home network > Chime Pro > additional AP would not work.

Are you saying if the Chime Pro is installed. And the cameras are in reach of my APs but not the Chime Pro. The cameras will not work?

Hi @playpar, happy to step in here. Your Ring Cameras need a strong and stable wifi connection in order to function. This can come from a direct connection to your wifi network or from a connection to the Chime Pro, which would be connected to your home wifi network. The Chime Pro can act as a wifi extender for your Ring Cameras but is not needed in order for the Cameras to work. Based on the distance you referenced in your original post, you may run into some wifi connectivity concerns as that distance is quite far for a wifi connection to travel, so you may want to reconsider the placement. I hope that helps clear things up for you. :slight_smile:

The cameras ARE in good range and work well. But I cannot hear the doorbell chime I have now so I was told to get the Chime Pro. I have it here but not set up yet as I do not want to cause a conflict the Wi Fi

@playpar The Chime Pro does not interfere with any wifi signals. It acts as a wifi extender, but you can also utilize it just for the purpose of playing the alert sounds when someone is at the door, as your RIng devices do not need to be connected to the Chime Pro for it or them to work properly. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Appreciate it
Thank you

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