Impossible to see who rings ar the door due to the app

Almost every time someone rings at the door bell, it takes me 3 to 4 minutes to be able to see a live image in the Ring app. Why?
It’s very simple, with every automatic update (ios) the app asks me to reauthenticate! After authentication (luckily I have face ID on my iphone), I have to enter the code for the two factor authentication code. When i finish 2FA authentication and click view live camera, the person who ringed the bell was long gone. And because the app is updated more ofter than I get people ringing my doorbell I can’t never see the live view.
That’s really ridiculous and it defeats the purpose of having live view.
I will never ever buy a ring doorbell. It doesn’t do anything than ringing the bell, exactly like my old doorbell. Shame on you Ring you are useless, 150$ for nothing. Why it is not possible that the app keeps the credentials on my iphone after an update? Other ios apps can do that

Maybe you need an Android phone? I never have those issues with the Ring App. Updates happen all the time but I never have to reauthenticate. Thinking about it I can’t remember the last time I did have to authenticate in my app.

Good luck!

Hi @user17504. How often are you opening the Ring app? Once you sign in and authenticate via the Two-Step Verification code, you will remain signed in as long as you access the Ring app within 30 days. If you’re going more than 30 days without accessing the Ring app, you will be signed out and have to sign back in and receive another verification code. This shouldn’t be impacted by an update to the Ring app either.

I thought it was because the updates. OK. And may I know why I am logged out every thirty days?
What’s the reason?
I might not need to open the app every month. But when I need it it has to be available

@user17504 You will be signed out of the Ring app after an extended period of time for security reasons.

This is a constant problem. I also have a situation where I get a notification and when I go to view it, it just spins and then tells me it cannot connect.
What’s worse than entire piece of video is just not present in the timeline at all.
This is with a wired floodlight cam attached to excellent bandwidth and a strong Wi-Fi connection.
I have the feeling that the ring infrastructure despite their claims it is perfect is suffering from a lack of processing horsepower.