I'm locked out and need HELP!

I’ve been a ring customer for over 5 years with 6 video devices on my account. Also pay for the protection plan.

Recently I made a mistake and changed my email to an email that I do not have access to… thus I can’t verify the email and have been locked out of the account.

How do I talk to a qualified tech support rep who can roll my email back to what it was previous to the change? Not customer support… tech support.

I can verify my identity in multiple ways:

  1. Deed to the house on the account
  2. Control of the credit card on the account (test transactions, stop payments, etc)
  3. Video calls with DL
  4. I can sign a form and get it notarized
  5. Control of the phone number on the account
  6. Control of the 2F authentication key

… or a combination of all of those


Hi @ComplexCarb. Please send us a private message on Facebook or Twitter @Ring or give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

This is what I got on twitter:


I’ve called the customer support twice now without any solutions. Is there a technical support group that has more ability?

Still locked out due to the email… looking for someone to help.

Hi @ComplexCarb. Unfortunately, there is no other team that can assist. You will need to continue working with our support team by calling in.

Ok I created a new account to migrate my system to… The 6 cameras moved over easy, but the alarm system is not moving over.

I was able to use the app with my old account to a limited degree (not the control pannel without being asked to verify the email I don’t have)… But I was able to remove all the devices, including the alarm components…

Well on the new account I added the base station no problem, but it will not allow me to add any devices to it!

Nothing can connect even after factory resets (sensors, keypad, motion, extenders)… ugggghhhhhhhh common…

All right here is the recap for anyone who finds this down the road. Note I’ve spent at least 3-4 hours with customer service reps during this process.

Every device will need to be factory reset. For the range extenders and key pad it was pretty simple.

On all the gen 1 door sensors that were connected to the old system… they’re bricked. After the factory reset they connect to the wrong base station network… IT support couldn’t figure out why and told me that they were now trash. Obviously past warranty, so… yeah not cool there.

Lesson of the story is don’t change you email lightly…