I'm done with RING

I am letting my account lapse that stores my videos online for two reasons:

    • this two factor verification procedure: the fine print states that if one requests a code be sent to one’s cell phone via text messaging, that we have to give authorization to receive periodic offers from RING - sorry not going to do that as I don’t want to receive any periodic offers. Yes an option exists to utilize a third party application to manage the password/access - but sorry I do not want nor trust those apps.
  1. My first Ring video door bell lasted exactly 1 year and 1 month before it died with the video going wild with bad colors and unviewable overall. Ring did not offer a replacement, but did offer a 20% discount on the purchase of a new one. I ended up picking up a replacement an an even better deal from a local hardware store. I now regret having gone with a second Ring unit.

So, I’m done guys - you have made the usage of the online account overly complex.

Richmond, BC, Canada

What model doorbell do you have? I did have the Video Doorbell Pro until today when I switched to the Video Doorbell Pro 2. The Bird’s Eye View and the CLARITY of the view picture are two OUTSTANDING features.

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