Im disappointed in the the service Ive received regarding my flood light cam

Ive purchased two flood cams. One for my back and one for my front yard. The one in the front has been great and all of a sudden, theres a terrible sun glare that I can even see anything. Ive called twice and no once can provide with an idea on why this is happening. The cam isn’t that old and this shouldnt be happening. I read on another forum that they are others who experiencing the same thing. For the price I paid for these cams, I would like for someone to tell me something and if I have to buy another camera, It will not be a ring device.

Hi @user30596. Try posting a picture as well of what your Floodlight Cam view looks like so I or other neighbors can try suggesting troubleshooting steps to see if they help. Also, this is the Ring Community, a neighbor-to-neighbor support forum where we can only offer tips and tricks for your concern. If it needs to go beyond those basic troubleshooting steps, then you will have to continue to give our support team a call for further assistance.