IFTTT / Motion Sensor Events

Using IFTTT I can subscribe to a motion event triggered by my Ring Security Camera and use it to set lights and other actions. I got the alarm on the assumption that I would be able to do similar with the motion sensors, unfortunately it looks like this is not the case.

What I want to do is -

IF - A Ring motion sensor detects movement
THEN - Set the temperature in a given room (existing Hive functionality)

I’ve investigated the following workarounds / hacks so far -

  • I’ve looked into email notifications (I can pick these up in IFTTT), unfortunately it doesn’t seem possible to get an email notification for motion detected (there seem many other options but not this one).
  • I can use IFTTT to intercept the Ring notification on my phone, search for text within it and complete the action. Eg my phone gets a notification from Ring saying ‘Motion detected in Living room’ and I can trigger the heating this way. The downside to this is that I would have to put all of my notifications on silent (due to the volume of them coming through) meaning that I would also miss out on other things that I would want to be notified on (such as the alarm actually being triggered) without also setting up alternative notifications.

Has anyone else achieved this or have any solutions?



I’ve managed to get some level of automation with Alexa app (you don’t need any Echo devices, just your phone), it’s working even better than IFTT. In my example when the motion is detected in the Living Room, my TADO heating starts heating the rooms I want. What’s more, you can also add Philips Hue motion sensors to the automation which expands your possibilities even more (for example I don’t want to install indoor cameras in some rooms but I want to start heating when motion starts) As for now it’s great. I hope it will help you.


That’s great, thank you. Only had a quick play with it but the early signs are very promising!


alexa routines “if sensor detects motion then do this” and routine “if sensor does not detect movement for x hours then do this”

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