If using solar panel (with Stick Up Cam), should I choose "wired" mode or stick to "battery" mode?

Hey all. Just bought some Stick Up Cams (battery ones), with the solar panels.

Fitted the first two a few days ago and all good (suggested solar charging), then noticed (perhaps the app got an update) that the app now sees the camera as powered by an “Electrical Socket” (I know that technically it is with the solar panel connected), and as a result it’s suggests putting the camera into “wired” mode (not battery).

I’ve done it on one of the cameras and now I have more options in the app, plus it seems to take more snapshots and I guess uses more power to be quicker at responding to motion events etc.

My question really is, should you use “wired” instead of “battery” when using the solar panels, as obviously at night (and other low light times) the panels won’t generate enough power so it will be using just the battery and I guess drain quicker?

Anyone have any experience or advice please?

Thank you!

Hey @risky_boy. You are correct that the additional features offered when the Camera is set as wired may drain the battery more quickly. When using a Solar Panel for your Stick Up Camera, it’s important to ensure that it receives at least 4-6 hours of direct sunlight a day in order to provide an appropriate trickle charge to the Camera. With that said, how quickly the battery drains in spite of the Solar Panel also depends on how many motions and Live Views the Camera is recording each day. If you’re concerned with battery life, I would ultimately recommend utilizing the battery-powered option as the Solar Panel is ideally meant to keep the battery topped off rather than offer continuous power the way a wall outlet would.

So are you saying when using solar panels that you should have the power mode set as “Battery Mode” or “Wired Mode”?

When I made this switch from battery to wired mode, my battery is not being charged by the solar panel anymore. I took out the battery charged it up manually and trying to switch it back to battery mode but the camera is not going to setup mode now.

Hey neighbors! If you are using the solar panel option for the Stick Up Cam or Spotlight Cam, please use the Battery > Wired mode. This is because the solar panel needs to charge the battery, and this is done properly in the “Battery Mode.” If you have tried to put it back to battery mode and cannot set up the device to do this or are having issues in battery mode, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19. This has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

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Chelsea_Ring that’s a confusing answer the mode options are “wired” or “battery”. What does “battery > wired” mode mean? . I am still not clear on which is correct for the solar panel.
I wish it said connected to solar like the spotlight cam does.

I have mine set to “battery” and have no issues with it charging. I did have it set as “wired” when they made that confusing update a few months back and it would not charge.

(9/5): I had the same question after installing my stickup cam on 9/4. I first installed the cam without the solar panel connected to the cam. I went through the setup and got the cam up and running without issue(s). When I plugged the solar panel into the cam, a popup window appears and suggests to set to “wired” mode for “constant power and improved motion detection”. That had me scratching my head as one could take that as implying that the solar panel would be supplying “constant power” to the cam. No?? I set it to “wired” mode but then decided to set it back to “battery” mode.

I later called tech support to ask what I should set it to…“wired” or “battery” mode. The customer rep was stumped also. She could only suggest that I leave it on battery mode and monitor the cam’s battery status to see if it is being charged by the panel. As of right now, the jury’s still out as it’s noon here (Texas) and there’s only been about 4 hrs. of direct (morning) sun on the solar panel since installation (initial battery charge at 92%).

And due to having the panel mounted on the east side of the house on the fascia, the panel’s mounting bracket is so LAME that the panel can’t be tilted flat (perpendicular to the sky) to get more than just the morning sun. That bracket needs to be longer in length so the panel doesn’t hit the edge of the roof and stop at about a 45* angle; or else have a pivot to where the panel can be rotated to landscape mode/position. Then it wouldn’t hit.

(9/7) update: after a couple of mornings of good direct sun, the battery doesn’t appear to be charging. If anything, it’s decreased 3 percentage points (down to 89%); and that’s even after disarming the camera in the afternoons. Need to figure out a way to reposition the solar panel for longer periods of direct sun. 2 watts of output power from that panel is pretty anemic…and dare I say OVERPRICED.

More useful info here related to this topic:


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I agree, Ring should fix this confusing popup message to ask if you want to switch to wired mode when a solar panel is connected. I went through the same exercise too to switch it to wired mode and then back to battery mode when I was reading this post. I hope the batteries are now charging.

It should be in battery mode. I just spoke to someone at Ring about that today because my battery was draining so fast

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