If alarm already armed/disarmed ignore schedule for same mode

If the alarm is already armed/disarmed and the schedule tries to change it to the mode it is already in, ignore the schedule.

I set my alarm to arm to home at 1am each night in case I forget to arm it. The alarm then proceeds to go through the home arming countdown every night at 1am, even if it is already set to home mode. I have now disabled the schedule as this is daft behaviour.

Hi @McLovin. If you have a Mode Schedule set to arm your system in Home Mode, but your system is already in Home Mode, the Exit Delay countdown should not being playing again at the designated Mode Schedule time. I’d suggest deleting the Mode Schedule and setting up a new one. If you had your system armed in Away Mode, but the schedule is set to arm it in Home Mode, then you will hear the system change Modes at that time.