Icon long press not working

Since the latest iOS app update (5.56.0) from my two cameras there is now a long press shortcut for only one of them. In the previous version of the app the long press showed a live view shortcut for both the cameras.

Hi @Vilunki. Would you be able to take a screenshot of this so I can share it with my team? Also, what iOS version is installed and what iPhone do you have? Thanks, neighbor

iOS 16.3 on iPhone 12 Pro.

The latest update 5.56.1 didn’t fix this bug for some reason or another.

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Hi @Vilunki you are absolutely correctly. The same thing is happening for me. I use to be able to long press and see all my cameras. Now when I long press I only see one. I’m curious how the bug chose that particular camera and why. I called ring yesterday 2/1/23 and they are escalating it to the engineers. They gave me a couple suggestions, all of which didn’t work. Hoping they can correct it soon.


Hey neighbors. Thanks for sharing this information. I’ve shared this with my team, and they are working on fixing it. Keep an eye out for the next app update, where this feature is expected to be improved. If you have any questions in the meantime, don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks again!

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