I want to use all features except siren

How do I disable the siren while using all other features of alarm mode (camera settings, etc). For example, I *never* want the siren when in “home” mode, but I want to change active notifications, which cameras are active, etc.

Another example would be that I want to be able to set away mode, but I know someone will be coming to my house. I don’t ever want the siren to go off, but I want the sensors all active.

Note I have monitoring disabled (“self”) so it will not notify the authorities in either of these instances.

Hi @mdavies. While there is not a way to completely deactivate the siren, we can figure out a workaround for it! My first recommendation for this is to have your entry/exit delays to be set to the maximum. That way, you have a longer time to avoid the siren from going off. You can edit these under the Ring app > Settings > Modes > Home/Away (go one at a time) > Entry/Exit Delay (edit one at a time) > 180 seconds. You have the option to put these both at 3 minutes, so that way you have that long of a time to disarm the system before the alarm is going off.

In addition, you can go under the Settings > Modes > Home/Away > Sensors and disable all sensors for both modes. Disabling all sensors means that nothing can “trip” the alarm, but I believe you much have at least one sensor monitored in a mode in order to swap to said mode. Feel free to test this and verify that for me!

Lastly, if your siren does go off, you can always muffle it if you need to. I believe there may be some DIY ideas you can find for this, as it would just be muffling the speaker where the siren comes out of on the top. Please share what seems to work best for you in case other neighbors that want to explore this option also come to your thread! :slight_smile:

That’s a pretty disappointing answer. Should I post this in “Feature requests” then? I’m not interested in that sort of complexity. I simply want to use the entire system as it was designed and turn off a feature that I don’t want - I’m not interested in sticking a sock in the speaker…

If in disconnect the alarm and only have the cameras hooked up, can I still use the Mode settings for the cameras?

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@mdavies My apologises for that, and I appreciate your feedback here. You’re more than welcome to put this in the Feature Request board, so please do that! To add, you can most definitely still use the Modes feature with just the cameras after disconnecting the alarm. You can learn more about this here.

I love the system and most of it’s applications, however, I also want my siren to go off…NEVER!!! For one, when my two kids try sneaking out the window or sneaking a friend in, I want my phone to let me know, but no alarm to sound. For two, I’m prior combat military. If an intruder comes into my house, I don’t want an alarm to scare him away. I want silence and my phone to let me know, then I can eliminate the problem. I hope there is a better way to eliminate the siren. I know it will void my warranty, worst case scenario, i’ll open the unit and snip the wires.

Hi, did you manage to cut the wires?