I want to save/record my videos to my own NAS device, when can we expect this option from RING?

I can’t be the only person concerned that we are REQUIRED to store our videos with RING. I know they say “We cannot access without your permission” that does not stop a rogue within from accessing them NOR does it give us a 100% guarantee (like Apple saying they do not spy, they do!). So when is RING going to give customers the option to store our videos on our own private NAS storage?

If we can’t get them to relent on this option, I will just drop RING for another VENDOR who understands customers want privacy and do not want a single company to control where YOU, the customer, get to store your data.

You need an ONVIF camera to do that, and there is no revenue stream for anyone with those (other than the initial sale). Nor would it give the vendor the ability to (in North America, for example) share footage with the crime authorities.

The recent unilateral decision by Ring to disable a key piece of software has got me looking for a suitable alternative so I can do just what you have suggested.

I know that with my Unifi Switch/Network, they sell cameras I can directly record on my switch (I have a 10TB storage drive). So if RING can’t do something this simple, I will be swapping vendors.