I want to detect my cats

Hello, i purchased a ring door bell today in hope of keeping an eye on my cats outside at night. I jab be a cat who keeps dissappearing so i want to see if he is returning home at night. Unfortunately the doorbell is not decting cats. I have put the motion sensor at the most sensitive bit still isn’t working.

My Doorbell Pro 2 detects fairly small birds, so you should be able to detect a cat.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong then. My cat was laying in front of it then walking and it didnt detect him

Which Ring door bell. A Pro 2 will definitely pick up a cat. We have strays out here and they are detected constantly. But not all Ring door bells are that sensitive from what I have read before I bought mine.

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Hi @user55608. How high is your doorbell mounted? This plays a part in how motion is detected. You can also try putting something in front of your doorbell, to lure the cats into the view of the it.

I use Ring Stickups for monitoring my own cats and ferals around my property and they’ve worked great up until the past few months. The last few updates are making the cameras less and less sensitive to animals and there doesn’t seem to be a way to get the functionality back.
I have a camera that is literally full frame on my cat door and it doesn’t reliably report an entire cat filling the frame as motion at max sensitivity anymore.

If I enable the snapshots, I can see the activity, but it’s not getting picked up as motion. (Smart alerts are off, so it shouldn’t be filtering).

I suspect that they’ve added base filtering that can’t be turned off and it’s really messed up the devices for monitoring anything other than people.