I’ve split my WiFi channels but still can’t select 2.4ghz. Any advice??

Hi. First time poster!

I have 5ghz WiFi but split it to allow me to access 2.4ghz. I’ve named them separately and they appear as such on all other devices but when going through the set up process for my Ring doorbell 2 I can only see one WiFi choice and not the 2.4ghz or 5ghz options.

When I get to the point of connecting to wifi in the set up it simply times out and stalls. I’ve numerous times in different spots around the house with no luck.

Any advice welcome as I’m going to be returning the product if this doesn’t work!


Hey @Kendo81. There’s a couple things we can try to isolate the concern and see where it lies. My first hunch is that it may be that the Ring app is not recognizing that the new network you’ve made is available! To make sure it’s completely refreshed, it would be easiest for you to remove the Ring app from your phone, restart your phone, and then reinstall the app. From there, try another setup and see if the appropriate 2.4 Ghz network shows up!

Second thing you could try is to give a reboot to both your Ring device, and the router. For the Ring device, press and hold down the setup button for 30 seconds. After this time has completed, reboot your router before starting another setup. For the router, most routers can be rebooted by unplugging them from power for up at least a minute, and then replugging up power.

Once it’s been a few minutes and everything is back up and running on the router, try another setup. Additionally, make sure you have the proper ports and protocols on your router opened, which you can learn more about in our Ring Help Center Article here. Let me know how it goes! :slight_smile: