I think the wording in the Ring app is wrong

In the app go to Devices → Base Station → Base Station → Linked Devices → Alarm Sounding

Here you see a list of other devices. At the top of the screen it says “When alarm base station is sounding, your other devices will…” So if you tap on the light bulb icon for any camera, my understanding is that this will turn the light for that camera on when the alarm goes off.

However, when you tap on the light bulb, the next screen asks “When can these lights be activated by motion?” Shouldn’t this say when can these lights be activated by the alarm siren?

I set the light schedule for motion detection in the camera’s own settings and I don’t want this to override the light schedule.

Is this just a mistake in the wording of the app? If I set a time here, will this only apply when the alarm is tripped and NOT apply to motion detection?

This is in the latest version of the Android app.

Hi @uscpsycho. In that setting for linking your Camera’s lights with your Alarm for when it is triggered, when you set a time, it will only apply to when the Alarm is tripped. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I will reach out to my team to have the verbiage looked into.