I think my flood light camera is Frozen....from cold

My flood light camera is in -10 degrees at night. I installed my cameras they worked fine for about 4 days. Then all of a sudden they are off line. Anyone have this issue? Any ideas on what I can do or how I have insulate them? This is on a property I am not at everyday so I was hoping to monitor to it while I was away. Can I reset the camera remotely or any other ideas?

Hi @christinecma. The extreme cold weather can absolutely play a part in your camera going offline. Unfortunately, there is not a way to reset them remotely. When you are physically with the camera, you can turn power going to the camera off for 3 minutes, then turn it back on. This will prompt the camera to reconnect to your wifi. Additionally, you can press and hold the setup button for 20 seconds, then release. This will also cause the camera to reboot. I hope this information is helpful.