I think Bye Bye RING

Long time ago. Ring start buy item.
I buy more ring products. My home have ring 8 cam . And more. … Frist i can buy at ring website. (My home was Thailand.) Ring can sent item to thailand. So later ring dont send overseas. I buy from eBay… i love ring products… so last time i order battery for ebay 2 time . From 2 shop in eBay. eBay cant send to me. Dont know why… refund 2 time…So i think maby i cant use good products for ring .

Hi @joke. At this time, Ring is not available for purchase or to be shipped to Thailand. You can view all of the countries that Ring devices are currently available to be purchased and shipped to on our website here. We appreciate your feedback, and I hope this helps clear things up! :slight_smile: