I requested for account deletion, now i cant reset my cameras up

Hi guys, this is a really weird thing Ive done, its a long and confusing one so please bear with me. I requested account deletion because i have many cameras in many different locations and i was sick of payments coming out every other different day of the month, so I requested account deletion thinking i could delete my account and set up every camera again and have just the 1 payment come out my account at 3 different locations, so i got an email today saying my account and personal data has been deleted, which was fine (i thought this would have erased my cameras from my account also, this is where the problem is) I immediately set my Ring account up again with the same email address i used to have. (When checking on my Ring app all cameras were gone, which is what i expected) so i set up my account again with the same email address and i just tried to set up my living room camera again and while doing this it comes up with the message” this device is registered to someone else” so i press “request device transfer” and it comes up with the message “this device cant be transferred at this time, we’ve emailed the registered owner to let them know how to complete this transfer if they intended to do so”. The thing is, I haven’t (and can’t) received an email as i set my new account up with my old deleted email address :see_no_evil: so what can i do now? RING cannot email the old account holder (me) as i set my new account up with my deleted accounts email address, i cant transfer the camera ownership. I thought, if i requested to delete my account and data it would have deleted the cameras from my account? Ive got about over £500 in cameras and it seems like i wont be able to use any of them, i really need help please

I’ve also been thinking, it wouldn’t have mattered if i set it up using the same email address, RING wouldn’t have been able to contact the previous owner as that account has been deleted, so it wouldn’t have mattered if i signed up with a completely new email address. Any one any help please? In short ring cannot contact the previous owner as that account has been deleted.

Hi @Moncrieffey. This is a concern that our support team would need to assist with, as it involves your account details and the ownership of your Ring devices. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here and let them know that you deleted your original Ring account that had all of your devices attached to it. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.