I moved into a house with Ring. I need help identifying which ring I have

We moved into a house and the tool to open the unit is not here. The previous owners think it was purchased 4 years ago. The first kit I ordered for the tool to open it was too big. Can anyone identify which one this is?


Should be the Ring Doorbell Pro Set.

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Looks like a pro, get it set up then download the ring app, go into device health/product name will tell you what model it is :+1:

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Hi @user27986. The other neighbors in this thread are correct in saying this is a Video Doorbell Pro. If you have the orange Ring screwdriver from the spare parts kit, the screw bit should be double-sided so you can remove the faceplate in order to set the Doorbell Pro up in the Ring app. The double-sided screw bit will have a Phillip’s head side and either a T6 or T15 Torx side. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I think for his Doorbell Pro he needs Torx T6.

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@user27962 Good call! Some Doorbells utilize the T6 while others have a T15, depending on when it was made. I’ve edited my solution to include both, just in case.