I’m struggling to accept my husbands invite to share! Help

Hi … please help - my husband is trying to share our new doorbell with me - whenever I go from the email saying ‘manage the request ‘ it takes me to the control centre but there is nothing there in the shared location - just says no location

We’ve rebooted the doorbell but still no joy
Thanks in advance

Hi @user33896. First, start out by going to your email and deleting any Shared User invitations. Next, have the Ring Device owner go into their app and delete any Shared User invitations. Once that is done, follow the steps in this Help Center article here.

same issue here- really is an awful app/ set up system

Hi @user52805. As Tom suggested, try deleting the Shared User invitations and have the owner of the Ring Device send out a brand new invitation. This should resolve any issues the Shared User is having with accepting the invitation. If these steps don’t work, our support team can take a closer look.

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