I’m lucky if the Ring Doorbell Pro & Pro2 lasts more then a year and a half

I think I’ve gone through at least four different doorbells over a six and a half year period. Am I the only one or is this normal? I’ve had at least two ring pros and two ring pro2’s. These things are not cheap at $250 a pop. Even with the discount Amazon gives you just seems like it isn’t worth it for me. I’m thinking about trying a different brand altogether.

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Hi @Upset_Ring_pro2_Customer. It’s hard to say without knowing the circumstances of your replacements. There’s a number of factors that can contribute to a failure of the doorbell. I would suggest subscribing to a Ring Protect Plan that offers and extended warranty on all of your Ring devices. You can learn more on Ring Protect Plans | Home Security and Video Monitoring Service | Ring.

Well the first video doorbell’s were disappointing to use as they needed manually resetting after they disconnected from the Wi-Fi, so upgrading was a godsend. But I’ve also had quality issues with my Pro 1, the main button has kind of dissolved so it’s got holes in it. I should of reported it as soon as it wore through ( I only get 1 to 3 presses per day) but it was month 13 when I’d noticed it was serious and it was out of warranty. I’ve noticed that connection to my iPhone has got slow sometimes too, the delivery guy has given up by the time I’ve got the notification.

Ring service has been excellent though, they gave me a free chime pro to improve the connection with my first video doorbell. Great people to deal with IME :sunglasses:

At $10 a month for the Ring Protect plan I would be spending about the same or more money then just buying a new one every 2 years.