I’m Getting Live View from PC Dashboard

This morning, quite by accident, I noticed that I now get Live View from my Windows 10 PC Dashboard when I click on the last refreshed camera image – similar to how it works in the mobile app. Previously, I got a camera’s event history log when clicking on its refreshed image. Is this a new dashboard rollout feature on the Ring.com website? I don’t recall seeing anything posted on this change. If there happens to be a posted update that I missed, I would appreciate a link to it.

They added it overnight.

If you look, there are other threads about the announcement yesterday that they are discontinuing the desktop app from October, and you will have to use the Ring.com website. People immediately pointed out that there was no live view feature. And up until today there wasn’t, so you are right.

Incidentally, the History is there in the menu at the top. You just don’t get it by clicking the ‘Cameras’ image anymore.


your link only points me to buy more stuff from you. HOW to I do this LIVE view from my PC since you are taking away the RING DESKTOP APP! I am really upset about this!

Hi neighbors, we understand your frustration and appreciate your feedback. You can now access Live View from your Ring.com account through your supported web browser. Depending on what device you have, this feature update allows you to use two-way talk, enable sound, activate your siren, or turn on the lights.

Once again, we do appreciate your feedback on the discontinuation of the Ring Desktop app and we will be sharing it with our team. Please see our Help Center article here for more info on this. Thank you for your understanding!

Update: While clicking on the refreshed desktop camera images, it appears that the activated event uploads since I am able to retrieve the recorded events in History. However, I am no longer able to see any Live Views on my PC monitor while this is occurring. All I get is the attached “Activating Live View” window. The website interface obviously needs more work.

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Is there any way to override this new behavior (user preferences, etc.), and go back to having camera event history behind the dashboard camera image, instead of LiveView? I much preferred the dashboard camera image to link to the camera event history.

I have the same issue as hi808. after going to ring.com, logging into my account and changing to Dahsboard (i agree, going to History first is a poor design), then clicking on Clicking on Live View for any of my ring devices, i get the black screen with “Activating Live View” and the video never shows. when i go to history, video is available. I’ve tried on Chrome, Edge; cleared cache, etc. If i use the ring app on my Iphone, Live View pops right up.

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I have the same problem too, running Win10 and Chrome.

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