I’m finding it difficult to get Ring to replace poor performing cameras

I’ve had two wireless video cameras that worked for months and now won’t hold a charge or reflect their status consistently in the Ring app. I’ve been trying to contact Ring to get them replaced. They don’t make it easy. I just now got hung up on by an agent while trying to explain this issue, and after waiting for a time to talk to someone. Has anyone else had similar issues trying to deal with Ring Support? What should I do to get these defective cameras replaced? Does Ring ever offer credit to get something better? I’ve lost a lot of confidence, having the same issue with two different cameras. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @jwfleming3. Our support team will usually have you go through certain troubleshooting steps before checking the warranty status of your Cameras and replacing them. I would recommend trying to reach out to our support team once more for assistance. You can also reach out to our support team on Facebook by sending a PM to @Ring.