I installed a doorbell 2 Ring Protect subs Sep19 did not roll over to my Door Bell Pro Mar 20

Hi Guys

I installed a doorbell2 on Sep19 and paid the Ring Protect subs of £24.99.

Then in Mar20, I bought & Installed the Door Bell Pro and was told through webchat that my current subs would roll over from my old Door Bell 2 to the Pro after trial period ended. This did not happen, however, RING took another £24.99 on the 27Apr20, this should not be the case as I still have 6 months of the old subs left. I am not using the Door Bell 2 anymore.

Any ideas how I can contact or advice on what to do.

Thank you

Hey @Moriboy. In order to get this sorted out, please contact our support team via phone here. They are only available via phone at this time, so please give us a call when you can to get this resolved.