I have video doorbell pro 2, live in USA and no motion warning

I have a new video doorbell pro 2 device health says firmware is up to date. The ring app is on a iPhone 7 Plus iOS v15.2. The app is v5.46.0. The device is wired to a transformer and Power output is level 1. Upper right corner has a toggle switch to enable motion detection and is off. When it is changed to on receive a message stating the device does not support it.

We created 3 motion detection areas plus a package detection area. It is the correct type of device, firmware and software up to date. Live in USA so that should not be an issue. No obvious reason for the failure.

Thank you for this feedback! Try performing a fresh setup in the Ring app on your Video Doorbell Pro. Please keep in mind if you are removing the Pro to re-add in the Ring app, to first save any important video recordings so they are not lost. Once your Doorbell Pro is re-added, or setup again, it should then allow the Motion Warning to enable. I will, of course, share this experience with our teams here. :slight_smile: