I have the basic plan and will be adding a second camera

I currently have a video doorbell and I am subscribed to the basic plan for $40 a year. I will be adding a stick up cam in the next few days. I was already charged last month $40 for my basic plan. Since I am adding a second device, I will need to upgrade to the plus plan. What are the steps that I will need to do in order to get credit for my basic plan which was charged last month and upgrade to the plus plan for $100/year to cover all my devices. I do not want to be subscribed to two plans. Also, when do I upgrade the plan after the trial ends or immediately once I install the new additional camera?

Hi @MHV. Download any videos you want to keep from your Video Doorbell, and then cancel the Basic plan. You’ll receive a prorated refund for the unused portion of them. Then, you can subscribe to the Ring Protect Plus plan, which will cover all Doorbells and Cameras at that Location. You can wait to do this until the trial on your new Camera ends if you want to maximize your free trial time. I hope this helps!

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