I have no event history for my ring cam

I cannot view event history of my cam and there are no notifications, I can look at live view but no history is stored . It works perfectly well in my daughters house but not in mine . I have rebooted etc and my wifi is fine , can anyone help please ,I have only had the cam a few months and it has been working well.

Hi @nanoo. For the Notifications, what type of phone do you have and what version of the Ring app is installed? For your History, do you have an active Ring Protect Plan? What do you see in your Event History Timeline?

Hi Tom ,I have sorted it myself ,somehow the web blocker on my router decided to start blocking the cam after 2 months and I have had to turn it off ,which I am not very happy about but it is working again with this feature switched off . I have ring protect basic , and its a 3rd gen stick up cam.

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Hi @nanoo. I’m glad to hear that you’ve got this sorted.

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