I have a subscription it works, I don't have a subscription it does not work

First month subscription without problems.
Then without subscription, problem with connection (reconnect).
After a while, I bought a subscription and everything works again.
Now I have no aoonament and connection problems.
Coincidence? I do not think so.

This is my first month out of the free trial video history included- now we only use real time viewing. I have repeatedly called ring support. They have repeatedly had me uninstall and reinstall their apps - which results in a one time success for immediate access to the camera on my ring doorbell 3.

After the tech hung up I could not connect again. It was a waste of time to talk to them. Once a Ring tech told me to install Rapid Ring- same result. It worked while the tech was on the phone with me.

Now we just rely on the ring device to alert us to motion. It might be the wind on the flag, a truck going by, or a real person delivering something. It might even be a friend trying to call us to the door.

But we never get to talk to them or see it. Sometimes we connect in time to see their car or truck drive away. At least it’s more information than a simple doorbell.

We have good wi-fi: 75. And great zones. A lower sensitivity. None of these is our “issue.” So there is no scientific reason that this doorbell 3 does not work except with the help of their paid service. We live at home and have no use for recordings.

Immediate real time connection is the reason we bought the machine and that is being denied. Some factor is hidden. I wish I could buy a subscription to instant connect, without buying all the rest of their services!