I Have A Neighbouring Apartment Full Of Thieves

I’m always at home due to a severe injury to back and neck by a car accident, so I installed Ring 2 so that I could answer the bed from bed and tell them to leave the package. I’ve noticed that some of my packages don’t get received. I have to leave my communal outside mailbox unlocked for packages small enough, around letter size. I did USUALLY think it just Australia Post and Amazon messing things up, but not now.

Yesterday I was so unwell that I turned off the ring for the door and also the motion one. I was asleep all day with a fever and didn’t check my front door until the evening. There were 2 plastic packages had come with my medication, but some plastic bags were missing. I checked the Ring doorbell footage and found option about 09:00 just after I saw another motion footage to show that the Postie had been.

The family across from me has a man and woman about 50 and 3 younger ones in 20-30’s. I’ve never met them so I guess they might be a group house and not actually related. I saw one of my older neighbours bent over at my door looking at the packages. Then she opens the bag at her side and bends down and I hear her rummaging through my plastic packages. She stops and stands up as she’s putting something into her bag. Then she decides to go back for more and completely kneels down out of sight for some long that the dooorbell stops recording. It does start again as she’s going up the stairs, zipping her bag.

I was really angry and dad convinced me not to go to the cops yet, so I put a taped message on my door in big font:



This morning I got a shopping delivery from Woolworths at 08:00. I answered through the doorbell and got up slowly in pain and leapt to the door. I hear something and look into the peephole to see the older man stopped at the stairs leading down to our apartments (We’re 7 steps below ground and my door is out of sight of the main apartment door, so nobody can see my packages from there) and leaning in to read the notice on my door. Then he’s looking down at my groceries and slowly perusing the items, then looking back at the door. I’m thinking that he can’t read really well and taking time, so I go to my Ring and make sure it’s recording all of this. I see him standing still looking at the door for so long that I realised he was looking at the Ring itself. It stops recording due to no motion, which he seems to have figured out. I do see him bending down to my bags near the steps but then the video cuts out. It only starts again to the guy moving, but he’s either gone in his door, or up the stairs, so fast that he’s not there at all.

I forgot to count my shopping before I unpacked, so I don’t exactly know what he took and it was not recorded.

Ring Suuport, does the doorbell record all of the time on your end on the servers? Can I get video of it? I need to go to the police but I don’t know if these guys have done their little standing motionless thing before just out of my sight. Next to my door behind the stairs is a couple of metres where someone could be standing. I do get a motion alarm every time they come out of their door so I might look back over it. My Ring doorbell has only be up for about 2 weeks.

I don’t know if the police are just going to tell me that they can’t see what she’s putting into her bag. All of my meds were in plain plastic bags that can’t be seen inside, but if you feel it then it’s really obvious that it’s medicine boxes.

They so far haven’t been stealing the larger boxes I get, but they might get bolder. I’m on my own and don’t have anybody to collect mail from me if it’s taken to the Post Office for collection. It has tone left at my door and I thought it’d be safe because right below the Ring 2 is that sticker they give that says the primes is is under video surveillance.

Do the lights on the Ring 2 change colour visibly when it detects motion and when it doesn’t? He appears to have known that it stops recording motion after a while.


Hi, there are a number of solutions here.

  1. Amazon sells a trunk I believe you can give them and others access to. It would ie lick your shipment in the trunk. i bekieve rhat ups participates in that thpe of delivery.
  2. you must have a apple or android phone. if you do shop on ring.com there are a number of electrictronic locks that they sell. even the onex yhey dont list work. i had a couple of camelots that were older and nit listed. if they are z wave they will pair to ring. i was hoping to show you a screenshot of the app. you can remote unlock and lock and lick your door and have them dump the deluvery right inside. if amqxon key is in your area you have the option of provisioning the lick with the key app and amazon would go ahead and use key app to gain access ans livk up when the delivery is done, Again i think ups wieks with tjis too. just get a 99 sti k up cam for i side to monitor thier activity.
    next the key app if Provided in your area and you have the right tupe of car they can deliver the packages to car i. toyr trunk.
    Next you can get the my Chamberlain add in opener ans provision your garage door with rhe key app and they can dump it in your garage. again have a eung camera to monitor.

and no ring does not have the cameras rolling 24 7. if they do it 1 i am not sure is legal, ans 2 woukd be a huge amount if storage yhat someone has to pay for. you control the motion bsettubgs snd zo e detection and the sensitivity. crank it all the wsy up uf you want every little rhing recorded but i think you will fine it is annoying and time consuming loiking through the footage.

Sorry to hear about all this happening, and thank you for coming to us with your concerns @Alyndrya. As we respect your privacy and security, your devices will only record based on the settings you desire, and those recordings will only save if you are subsribed.

It does sound like you are subscribed, which gives you access to event history and timeline for reviewing events. You can also download individual videos to your device for safe keeping.

For longer recordings, answering an event by tapping the green answer icon or live viewing will allow you to stream for up to 10 minutes. If you do not tap the green button or answer notification, the Doorbell will record for 30 seconds by default. Please let us know how this goes, and if you have any further questions about recordings or optimizing settings in your app. The Community is here to help!