I guess ring is super woke

Went to post about a suspicious “black truck” but that never posted. Revised my post to read a “Dodge Ram, black,” and it worked. So sorry I incidentally profiled the color of the vehicle.

Hey there, @Ian33! It sounds like this is in regards to the Neighbors by Ring app, in which I wanted to clarify that you are reaching the Ring Community, a neighbor to neighbor forum.

For concerns with positing in the Neighbors by Ring app, you’re welcome to follow up with the Neighbors App team directly, as we here in the Ring Community won’t have any information on why your post was removed, or edited. You can send an email to communityalerts@ring.com to inquire further on your post. Feel free to also explore other options for sharing in your community for different scenarios, such as NextDoor. As we always value our neighbors’ feedback, consider this shared with our teams here. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Marley_Ring -

I think that Ring management is being very short-sighted regarding efforts to prevent Ring Community members from posting “general interest” Ring Neighbors app questions/comments on the Ring Community website. (Obviously, threads/posts asking members if they have seen a missing cat would not be appropriate.)

Consider the post from the OP. I would think that many Ring Community members would be interested in such information (for a variety of reasons), even if they don’t create threads/posts on the Rings Neighbors app. For one thing, it gives members greater insight into the screening software algorithms Ring uses on its websites.

Such information would presumably be even more useful for people who create threads/posts on the Neighbors app. Think of all the time, effort, and frustration it may save people when they realize why they are not being allowed to post information about a crime that has occurred. Some suspicious behavior is definitely cause for alarm – such as when someone is going from home to home (or vehicle to vehicle)… checking for unlocked doors.