I give up

I just went and flipped of the switch that controls my floodlight cam. I am sick of the constant false alerts. Probably 10 or 12 in the last 3 hours and each takes3 or more minutes to load so I can see that it is a false alarm. As soon as the weather is better I will rip it down and toss it in the trash. The sad thing is I also have a Ring doorbell that I am reasonably happy with, but no more Ring for me.

Did you turn on “People Only” mode?

Doing that and precisely drawing out the motion zones solved this problem for me. I basically watched each video and tweaked the motion zone. My 2 problems were headlights from cars and people walking down the sidewalk. After a bunch of tweaks they now work pretty well.

I have tried every adjustment. People only seems to make the problem even worse