i fixed doorbell pro, but don't know how

I’m just curious if anyone has thoughts on this. Today I noticed my doorbell pro wasn’t powerd on. It worked perfect since last Oct when I installed it. It appears to have stopped working on Wed 10:15ish AM according to my last _Snapshot Captures. _I vividly recall a lightning storm at that exact time and actually thought my house was hit. I was on a work call at that time and my landline phone and computers didn’t lose any power so I figured the lightning just missed me… but now I’m thinking it took my doorbell out.

Today I went through steps the app told me to do but it wouldn’t power on, and power was definitely going to it. Then I started googling and came across the vid below. He had different issue from what I can tell, but I basically did the same thing, hooked it up to my computer via mini usb, and it powered right up. Then a min later I slapped it back on my house like it was before and it worked. Something about connecting it to my computer seemed to fix it, but I have no clue why. Any thoughts?


Hi @Jon_I. I am definitely glad that your Ring Pro is working now! After watching that video and reading your post, I want you to know that doing this is not something we recommend, as it may void the warranty, found here. I think this working out for you was merely coincidental.

Allowing the Ring Pro to completely drain from power is what we call a Hard Power Cycle. Once power is reintroduced, it allows the device to boot up properly. It looks like this was also the case with your Ring Pro. Again, very happy you were able to get this work!