I feel like I'm missing something!

I’m relatively new to Ring, having had a Piper camera indoors beforehand. I have a Ring Video Doorbell 3 and a Ring Indoor Cam (and also a Ring Chime).

With Piper, I was able to set a geo-location and setup arm/home/disarm based on my location, as well as setup schedules for nighttime (I also used IFTTT, but I don’t remember now specifically what was done through that and what was done through Piper). I’m psyched to see geofencing is now available on the Ring, but still no automation for modes? Or am I missing something?

If someone has figured out how to do what I want to do, I would greatly appreciate the insight. I think the doorbell is ok the way it is - I get alerts if someone rings the doorbell and otherwise no notifications (I live in a townhouse community so lots of traffic). My primary concern is the indoor cam, which I got so I would know if someone is in my house when I’m away, or at night when I’m sleeping. Basically, I want it to automatically arm when I leave the vicinity and send me notifications, automatically disarm when I arrive in the vicinity, and then arm according to a schedule for when I’m home sleeping.

It seems so simple but it’s eluding me… TIA

Hi @susan12369. You are correct that there is currently no settings to allow you to have the Ring system automatically change Modes on a schedule or via geo-location. With the geofence feature, the Ring app can remind you to set your Mode to “Away” when you exit the geofence. When you come home and re-enter the geofence, your Ring app can automatically snooze alerts from your security cameras and doorbells.

I checked out our Feature Request board and found a similar request to what you’re suggesting here. Feel free to upvote it and share any other ideas you have for a specific feature you’d like to see on the Feature Request board. This will help us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place. :slight_smile:

@Caitlyn_Ring Thanks for the response, how do I setup to automatically snooze alerts when I re-enter the geofence? I’m getting the reminders when I leave and arrive, but I’d prefer whatever I can get automatically.


Hi @susan12369. I’d suggest checking out this Geofence Help Center Article, as it does go into detail on all of the steps to setting this feature up in the Ring App. During the setup process, it should prompt you to set up the Auto-Snooze feature which is where you’ll choose which devices you want to have snoozed and for how long you’d like them snoozed.

If you have set up Auto-Snooze, when you re-enter the geofence, the Ring app on your phone or tablet will not receive motion alerts related to the Ring devices that you have selected for Auto-Snooze. However, if you have a Ring Protect Plan, they will still record motion events. Also, other phones and tablets can still receive motion alerts for those events. Auto-Snooze only affects the phone or tablet that it was enabled for. I hope this information helps! :slight_smile:

@Caitlyn_Ring Thanks, appreciate the help

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