I feel kind of bad for Ring. I think the car cam has hurt their reputation

I’ve been a longtime Ring customer and have 6 of their devices in and around our home. We also have the Ring Protect Plan. I had a lot of trust and goodwill equity built up based on my past experience. I had high hopes for this car cam and preordered it as soon as I saw it available. After receiving it and using it now for a week, it has been a disappointment for me and not the type of quality, thought out product I expected it to be. It honestly feels more like a beta product that isn’t ready for the public. My biggest disappointment is that I feel somewhat deceived by their website description which lead me to purchase it. Their use of the word “motion” for example is not in line with their other products. I really hope they do something to turn this experience around for me and others that are having a similar experience since we are the early adopters and the ones that will have an influence on others to other encourage others to buy it or tell them to steer clear of it until they revise it. I hope that Ring does something soon before I call to return it and think twice about buying any new products they release down the road.


They’re a multimillion dollar company that can afford to do proper product testing and have failed to do that - I don’t think you need to feel bad for them.