I can't hear the door alarm, I need an extension of the base station

I cannot hear the base station everywhere in the house nor outside. Is there a way to add another device that will let me hear the entry door opening, say like outside on the patio?

Hi @txhotrod. Your Ring Alarm Keypad can also play the chirp tones, as long as you toggle it on under Devices > Keypad. You can then place your Keypad in a different area of the home from your Base Station, or even add a second Keypad in a different part of the home.

Another option is to use the Play Alarm Sounds feature on Alexa-enabled Echo devices. This feature allows you to play Ring Alarm sounds, such as chirp tones from your Contact Sensors being triggered, through compatible Echo devices. I hope this information helps.

If you own any of Amazon’s Alexa Echo Devices, go into the Alexa app on your phone, choose: Devices > (your Ring Alarm) > Security Sounds on Echo.

You will see the following options:
Contact Sensors
Entry and Exit Delays

I chose Sirens once, and have several Echo Show devices dotted around the house, and you really wouldn’t want to remain in the house while they were sounding off! I’ve turned this option off now as I have a cat in the house and it wouldn’t be good for that to go off with a cat’s superior hearing.

You would want to turn on the Contact Sensor and entry/exit delay options.

Worth getting an Echo Dot purely to use this option IMHO.

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