I can't buy a protect plan!!!!!


So I can’t buy the protect plan, I can’t on the app, or the website. On the website, clicking on buy the plan, takes me to a screen to download the app. On the app, it always just says something went wrong. I have spoken with Ring yesterday, the day before and again right now as I type this. I was told I need to add a payment method, on the payment method screen, I can only enter my name and address, there is no where to put my card details!

They take me through the same exact steps, which don’t work. I have tried using Ingocnito mode, I have used Chrome, Edge, Explorer, Opra and Brave. Reinstalled the app. Nothing works. On Sunday (3 days ago), I was told they would put a 5 day temporay plan on my account until this is sorted, they have not done that.

I need it sorted, as I am having problems with a neighbour! I can’t beleive Ring are making it so hard for me to give them money!

Can someone please help!???

I have just finished my call, they could not do it, and they could not put a temporary 5 day trial on, it has been escelated again… Not happy at all with all this!