I cant access my account

I used ring for 2-3 years but I cant access my account anymore… I dont have the CELL phone number I had before… and I cant log into my account cause it sends a verification code to my old number… I called support (Mexico) But it doesnt work… I had my brother call US works… But they still havent been able to get me account access… I cant even return product cause I have years with it… Help??

Hi @anbu696969. If you no longer have access to the mobile device or phone number you used for Two-Step Verification, you will have to continue working with our support team. Since the Community is a public forum, we do not have access to your account and cannot assist with updating any account information.

If the phone number for Mexico listed here does not work, you can also try the worldwide number: +1 310 929 7085. Note that some toll charges may apply for the worldwide number if you are calling from a mobile phone rather than a landline.