I cannot connect Ring doorbell to my new router

I have a camera and a video doorbell. Both were connected and working fine. I have just changed my router - the camera connected to the new wifi network with no problems, but the doorbell will not connect. I have it right next to the router, and it keeps saying that there is either a problem with the internet connection, or it’s too far away from the router. Neither of these things are correct. It’s on 38% battery, so I am charging it, but I have tried 12 times now - both before and after connecting the camera. I will try again later in case the battery under half charge is the problem (baffling) but any other ideas welcome.

Move a WiFi access point closer to the doorbell (or vice versa), preferably on the other side of the wall from the doorbell if you can’t place it outside next to the doorbell.
WiFi signals through an outside wall are notoriously difficult.

I have the doorbell on the floor next to the router, I couldnt actually get it any closer right now.

RESOLVED: full reboot of device, press and hold orange button for count of 20, device connected first time. Charging the doorbell had no impact.

Glad to hear that you got this under control, @Kzzinsky!