I called support about not having access to my QR code

There has to be another way. I changed internet provider’s and need to reconnect my cameras. My son bolted them down and he now lives in another state. There’s no way I can get them off the house to see a pin or code on the back of it. I’ve had them three years. They are now useless. Contacted support and they said they can’t see my pin either. I guess I’ll be purchased more with another provider that can be of more assistance.

Hi @user24881. Do you still have the original packaging for your Ring Cameras? The QR code is on the back of the Cameras, as well as on an insert in the original packaging. We have some information on QR codes here as well. If you’re unable to access the QR code or pin, you can also change the network name and password of your new wifi network to what you originally had, and your Cameras should try to automatically reconnect.

I’ve explored all of that of course before and after calling you all. You all can verify everything else, send a million emails, and everything else. There should be a way this could be resolved by verifying my information. I see online where people get hacked all the time by these cameras. Here I am willing to verify whatever necessary for this one time even having to call you all. No worries; I won’t be renewing my subscription.