I am disappointed with customer service and paying for a device I can't use!

Iam disappointed with customer service and not being able to use my device that iam paying for! I am stuck with no security…


Since you haven’t given us any details of your issue your fellow users can’t provide assistance.
You can contact Ring Support by calling the number for your region of the world.
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Hi @janet1966. Can you provide a bit more information on what you’re experiencing with your Ring device? Do you have a Ring Doorbell or Security Camera, and what concern are you running into? We’re happy to provide some helpful suggestions if we have more information. Alternatively, you’re welcome to reach out to our support team as @SolarEclipse mentioned, and they can help you with any concerns as well. :slight_smile:

Same. Called CS twice, I just need a simple part to complete my home security system. Ring doesn’t care and refuses to help. Very disappointed with them.

I’ve contacted support twice, nothing accomplished, keep getting the runaround. Ring doesn’t care.

Did you check the store yourself? Accessories | Ring

Also, reality is that one sometimes has to call support multiple times to get an agent that knows what you are wanting and that isn’t just exclusive to Ring either.

Be advised that I was told by Ring Customer Service that it is expected that Wired Ring Doorbell will lose connection every time there is a loss of power or wifi loss, and the only resolution is to do the physical reset on the device. The Customer Service person acknowledged that there is incorrect information in Ring usage database that indicates Doorbells will auto reconnect once power is restored. I was told this is incorrect and that physical reset is required every time. I live in area that has brief power glitches all the time and thus my only solution is to do the physical reset process on the device all the time. I find this totally unacceptable given all my other devices from Google, Apple, etc. auto reconnect. Shame on Ring for selling junk.

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I’ve had power outages and all my Ring devices have reconnected to my WiFi network so if that’s what they said then they are wrong.

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I have my Ring doorbell on my weekend cabin. After a power loss no reconnection was made. This is impossible to do a physical reset due to the fact I am not there! unacceptable. All my other brand cameras reconnected without any issue.