Humming noise from doorbell transformer

I bought a new ring video doorbell pro installed a new transformer, fitted by a qualified electrician, however the transformer is buzzing like crazy I know these things usually hum a bit but this is audible at night through the house. I have updated video doorbell pro with latest firmware and factory reset it twice however it still humm’s like crazy.

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Hi @Patb1. What is the make and model of your chime kit? If possible, please share this information along with whether or not it is a mechanical or digital chime kit. It’s possible the chime kit isn’t compatible, or it is setup incorrectly based on which type of chime kit it is. I’d be happy to take a look and see what information I can find once I know what chime kit you have. :slight_smile:

hi and thanks for your reply , i’m not using any chime kit at all, my electrician took the old mechanical chime away and we use echo show 8 as our chime now, so all we have is a ring doorbell pro now and 2 echo shows that give us all the notifications, the loud buzzing noise is coming from the new transformer we installed to be compatible and give enough power to the new ring doorbell pro.

I’m curious as I’m having recurring problems with my transformer with that exact setup, and in researching it seems it’s a pretty common issue. Is your transformer the official “Ring” branded one?

hi TheDyers no it’s not the official ring transformer but I have now ordered that from the ring website and am awaiting delivery, i’m hoping its just a transformer issue and the transformer I bought was maybe cheap and noisey, i’m hoping the ring branded one fixes this issue, the buzzing noise is extremely loud.

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@Patb1 Thanks for that information! Do you have the Pro Power Kit installed as well? Once you receive the official Ring transformer from the website, make sure you have the Pro Power Kit installed as well which would have come with your Ring Doorbell Pro. You can find more information on that in our Help Center Article here.

hi I don’t have the pro power kit installed as I don’t have a chime anymore, where would I install the pro power kit ?

Many transformers do tend to buzz a bit more with additional load on them. The Ring camera represents more load than the original mechanical doorbell (which was only an intermittent load).

This could be a sign the transformer that was installed was too small or poorly manufactured. Hopefully the replacement does the trick for you!

hi all , quick update new ring transformer arrived this morning and I fitted it into the fuse board, loud humming noise stopped straight away , not a peep to be heard , returned other transformer for a refund.

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